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Private-Public Partnership Joined Forces for Greater Solar Incentives!

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How does the partnership work?

Solaris + Solar BOLEH!


SOLARIS Government Incentive

CASH rebate of RM4000 for new household solar installation.

Subscription Solar

Get solar with zero up front cost! We pay for the installation fee. No more hefty upfront cost.

Government Employee BSN Loan

Special BSN loan for Malaysia home solar power.

AEON Member Points

Walk in to any AEON branch to get solar. Get AEON member points on top of the government incentive!

Exploring Solar Options, But Want to Revisit Later?

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    Solar Boleh Neighbourhood Program

    Join your neighbourhood to purchase solar as a group to get better prices and better negotiation power.





    How to Get Started?

    Main steps

    1. Sign Up and Spread the Word

    Sign up for the solar campaign and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Share information about the campaign with your community to gather at least 100 users.

    2. Info Session for the Neighbourhood

    Once 100 users are gathered, we'll organize an information session for the neighborhood. During the session, we'll explain the benefits of solar energy and how it may be applicable to your home.

    3. Solar Companies Pitch for Group Purchase

    Solar companies will pitch their offerings to interested neighborhood members, streamlining the process of exploring solar options together.

    4. That's it!

    After the pitches, interested members can sign up for a group purchase, benefiting from collective bargaining power and streamlined installation processes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You May Be Asking

    What is Solar Boleh?

    The Solar BOLEH! campaign is a strategic initiative aimed at promoting solar energy adoption among the Malaysian public. It leverages the government's SOLARIS incentive for domestic users to make solar energy more accessible and appealing to homeowners. Through partnerships with various companies, the campaign seeks to raise awareness about solar energy benefits and provide additional incentives for adopting solar solutions.

    How can I participate in Solar Boleh?

    To participate in Solar Boleh, simply fill out the registration form on our website or contact our campaign partners directly. They will guide you through the process and help you take advantage of the government incentive and exclusive benefits offered through the campaign.

    How does BSN provide better financing for government servants?

    If you are a government servant wishing to apply for solar financing, BSN offers a special rate exclusively for government servants installing solar panels through the campaign. For more information, please feel free to provide us with your contact details through our sign-up form, and our representative will be in touch.

    What is a solar subscription, and how does it work?

    A solar subscription enables homeowners to reap the advantages of solar energy without the initial expense of acquiring a solar panel system. This approach offers flexibility, eliminates upfront costs, and includes lifetime maintenance support, thus broadening access to solar energy for a larger demographic.

    What are the benefits of purchasing solar as a group?

    Purchasing solar as a group offers several benefits, including access to better prices, higher quality solar panels, and increased negotiation power with solar providers. Additionally, group purchases can help create a sense of community and support among homeowners who are switching to solar energy together.

    Where can I get solar? Can I get it in retail?

    You can inquire about and purchase solar solutions at any of the AEON branches nationwide. Besides, they guarantee member points for your purchase, in addition to the government incentive. Alternatively, you can also obtain solar energy solutions from specialized solar companies that offer installation services. While some retail stores may offer solar panels, it's more common to purchase through dedicated providers.

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